When homeowners choose to install a distributed heating and cooling system, it works via a system of air ducts. They evenly distribute heat and air conditioning throughout your home, which can be a great asset during the shift in seasons. Here are some of Warner Service’s favorite benefits to sealing your home’s air ducts:

Proper installation improves energy efficiency. If your home's air duct system is not properly and tightly sealed then the conditioned air could possibly escape into areas of your home where it is not needed. This means that your unit has to work harder to heat or cool more air throughout your home, which could cost you more money in repairs and bills in the long run. To avoid this, call for a professional duct sealing.

It protects your indoor air quality. Aside from worrying about the damage on your wallet, unsealed air ducts could lead to poor indoor air quality. Pollutants can enter your ductwork via the subpar seals and cause health problems, such as asthma or outdoor allergies. You should schedule regular maintenance visits by your local professional and ask about tightening your unit's air ducts.

Sealing air ducts helps solve uneven cooling and heating. If your existing ducts are properly sealed, you can solve common comfortability problems, like a room being too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. Sealed air ducts maintain a comfortable living environment throughout your home for you and your family.

Your entire air conditioning unit is less likely to suffer damages, corrode or fall from its fixture with properly sealed air ducts, which should be maintained via regular check-ups from a local professional as well.

Sealing can prevent back-drafting. This is when combustion gases, such as carbon monoxide, from gas appliances like water heaters, dryers and furnaces are drawn back into the living space, rather than expelled outdoors. If you seal your air ducts properly, its normal operation can minimize this risk.

Air duct sealing helps the environment. Because your system has to work less to heat or cool your home when the air ducts are sealed, it significantly reduces the amount of air pollution, such as smog, acid rain and climate change, generated from fossil fuels that are typically used to energize your home.

Overall, sealing air ducts is highly beneficial to a lot of aspects in your life. It can improve your unit's energy efficiency, which helps the environment and your energy bill. This process also helps improve your family's lives by decreasing the risk of health problems due to poor indoor air quality and back-drafting as well as improving the comfortability levels throughout your home.

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