459903291-300x225Adjusting your home’s thermostat to your family’s comfort level and the weather of the day can get pricey, especially during the summer months. However, even though the humidity and heat index are at an all-time high, you can still keep your home cool without touching the thermostat so often. Here are some of Warner Service’s best tips on how to cool your home:

Reverse ceiling blades. If you already have a fan in your home, this is a matter of simply flipping a switch. Reverse techniques blow the air upward instead of downward like typical fans. This redistributes warm air that has risen to the ceiling, which cuts your bills by up to 10 percent. When reversing the ceiling fans, make sure it is on a medium setting to create a nice breeze.

Ventilate your attic. By ventilating your home’s attic, you can improve the air circulation, extend the life of your roof and air conditioning unit, remove harmful moisture and mildew and prevent ice damming (if you live in a colder climate. You can call a professional to install a solar-powered attic fan, roof vents or soffit vents for a cooler attic.

Open your windows correctly. The operative word for this tip is correctly. Anyone can open windows to air out your home, but opening them correctly and at the right time will ensure that you get the most out of the natural air conditioning. Open only South-facing windows during the evening when temperatures have cooled down for the most effective use.

Cook outside. This tip is not for all 4 seasons, but while the sun is still shining, take advantage of the nice weather and cook outside on a grill or over a fire pit. Not only will you and your family enjoy the sun, but you can save up to 15 percent on your bills. By cooking outside, there are no fumes, which create warm air and moisture, rising to your ceiling and throughout your home. This means your air conditioning unit and thermostat do not have to work as hard.

Use the correct curtains and blinds. Vertical or horizontal slat types of window blinds are best for reducing summer heat. When completely closed and lowered on a sunny window, highly reflective interior blinds can reduce heat gain by up to 45 percent. You can also consider exterior roller blinds, which are made to provide shade when closed completely. If you prefer draperies in your home, purchase white or medium-colored draperies and close them during warm days to prevent up to 35 percent of heat gain.

Instead of adjusting the thermostat every hour, try to get the most out of natural ventilation. Even though it is hot outside, you can open your South-facing windows at night for a cool breeze. You can also close the drapes and blinds during the day to prevent heat gain. To continue keeping a cool home, you can try ventilating your attic, cooking outside and switching to reverse ceiling fan blades. All of these tricks should help reduce your cooling costs for the rest of the summer. For questions or to schedule an appointment, contact Warner Service today.