air-conditioning-repairWe have all experienced the humid and sticky Maryland summer, and the last thing any of us wants is the air conditioning unit blowing hot air and steam around the house. Though you could look for alternatives without touching the thermostat, it is easy to find the few culprits to this muggy crime. The good news is that most of them are solved with an easy fix. Here is Warner Service’s guide to finding and fixing your hot air conditioner:


Problem: Poor airflow can cause a series of problems, including debris and dirt circulating throughout your home. This build-up in a clogged air filter can lead to reduced cooling as well as allergies and asthma.

Solution: Replace your air filter regularly. You can also inspect your outdoor unit for grass clippings and other outdoor debris on the fins, which can be cleaned with a soft brush.


Problem: Dusty evaporator coils on your indoor air conditioning unit interferes with your A/C’s ability to cool your home, which can potentially make it seem like the unit is blowing hot air.

Solution: Clean the component by first turning off the air conditioning unit at the thermostat and shutting off the electricity to the air handler. Next, remove the evaporator coil access panel with a socket wrench. You can now blow compressed air over the coils, clean it with a soft brush (which should be done every 3 to 4 months for maintenance) or use a foam cleanser into the drain pan. If you do not feel comfortable attempting any of these methods, contact a professional right away.


Problem: The power switch may have accidentally been off, or the plug could have gotten loose on the outdoor condenser. Even though your indoor fan may continue to run, the system will not cool the air.

Solution: Simply plug the unit back in or turn it on again. While you are at it, if you have a heat pump, check your thermostat settings to make sure your system is set to “cool” not “heat” mode. You should also double check to see if the fan switch is on “auto.”


Problem: Your system continues to blow hot air, which means it is steadily losing its cooling capacity. This, along with damage, deterioration and/or installation error of your unit, could cause a serious and toxic refrigerant or, if you have an older unit, Freon leak, leading to complete stoppage of cool air.

Solution: You can check for either type of leak by seeing if there is any ice on your indoor unit’s copper refrigerant lines. If you find ice, contact a professional immediately. They will either recharge or replace your refrigerant.


Trust us: There may be nothing worse than going through an incredibly warm day with hot air circulating throughout your house. You should replace the air filter once per month, and check all of the thermostat’s settings. However, the best way to avoid all of the problems mentioned above is by simply scheduling a routine maintenance check for your air conditioning unit. You can do this by contacting Warner Service today.

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