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Customers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia have relied on Warner Service to delivery quality HVAC and plumbing services to them for more than 80 years. We are pleased with the positive experiences our customers have had with our business and would like to share those experiences with you. Below are a few of the great things our customers have said about us and our service:

Testimonial Quote

"The two reasons I work with Warner Service are: I have never had to have a call back and, more importantly, the talent of the people. Your people are in the top 1% of the many companies I have worked with in both private and commercial repairs and construction."

- James Devilbiss

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"It's been a great experience, and a vast improvement over our previous service vendor. Your staff has been so professional, and really know their stuff!"

- Milt Higgins

Testimonial Quote

"As usual the guys who came out were professional and explained what they were doing. Very happy with the service I get from Warner."

- Scott Hollis

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"My water heater needed to be replaced, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they could do the work the very next day after I called. That's a plus for any plumber in my book!"

- Helen Hahn

Testimonial Quote

"Your technician was an expert. Same polite, professional care I get from Warner Service year after year for my Trane system."

- Bret McFarland

Testimonial Quote

"The salesman worked with my husband and myself to provide the most competitive price and service compared to several other Trane comfort specialists in the Frederick area...My husband was very impressed with the technician...He was very knowledgeable, friendly and made sure that the installation meet our expectations."

- Kathryn Martin

Testimonial Quote

"Technician was professional and efficient. Very pleasant too!"

- Thurman Fiery

Testimonial Quote

"Technician was professional, knowledgeable, and polite. I am impressed! (Dawn Hawes). Installation of our boiler and the consequent years of service on that boiler have been wonderful. Your folks are always pleasant."

- Brian Sheffer

Testimonial Quote

"Service technician was very knowledgeable about the problem and showed me exactly where the problem was located; they were honest and forthright about the next steps required to fix an expensive problem."

- Kevin Stevens

Testimonial Quote

"They fixed mistakes that other plumbers made and were very knowledgeable and reassuring."

- Susan Davis

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