All it takes is one overnight storm to leave you reeling over your residential plumbing.

A properly functioning drainage system is key to your home's plumbing anatomy and personal financial happiness. Here are a few solutions to common residential plumbing problems that could save you thousands of dollars:

  1. Overflowing Gutters & Downspouts. Gutter systems are a primary tool on the exterior of homes that's deters runoff away from your home's foundation.

    However, this system can't do its job if it's clogged or misplaced. A clog leads to standing water or a push-back of water toward your property. This is even worse if your gutters are above plant beds and/or paved surfaces.

  2. Grade Issues. If pooled water around your home is raising concern, you could have a grading issue. Ideally, your home’s foundation should be graded in a way that encourages water to flow away from your home.

    Over the years, Mother Nature can flatten your home's grading, which helps water pool around the base of your home, causing foundational problems like flooding.

  3. Water Clogged Soil. Poor drainage leads to water clogged soil. This happens when the ground becomes oversaturated, causing a multitude of plumbing problems.

    For example, the development of moss and destruction of grass can occur. Moss thrives in heavily saturated environments, and these unwelcome spores overtake your lawn.

    After your home's beautiful lawn, the landscaping feels the pain next. Oversaturated soil leads to root rot and removes oxygen from soil. How can you enjoy your beautiful yard when the landscaping is drowning

  4. Flooding. Nothing is worse than walking down to your basement, only to find your socks soaked in an inch of water. While home flooding needs to be diagnosed quickly, the plumbing problem can be difficult to identify.

    If the water doesn’t come from an appliance like the septic tank, it could be from outside standing water that leaks in your home. If water isn’t moving away from your home, it'll inevitably soak through the foundation and into the basement.

How To Fix These Drainage System Problems

  1. Overflowing Gutters & Downspouts. Next time it rains, stand outside and see how the system is handling water. If you notice that rain is flowing over the side of the gutters or water is pooling around the downspout, this could be the plumbing problem.

    To solve it, have your gutters
    cleaned out thoroughly

    For downspouts, use corrugated pipes running underneath the soil to direct the water away. This also shifts the water that's oversaturating the soil.

  2. Grade issues. Calling a professional is the best practice for handling a grading problem. The severity of a grading issue sways the difficulty of fixing the problem.

    For example, a professional may recommend installing a new
    drainage system to best suit the residential plumbing.

  3. Water Clogged Soil. If your home has a large roof or long driveway that's pouring water into the yard, the soil becomes naturally water clogged. You have a few different options when handling this plumbing problem, and if you have a green thumb, get creative. 

    Utilize wet plants for one option to remove a buildup of water in the yard. These plants thrive in moist areas because they soak up a ton of water. If this sounds enticing, build a rain garden on your property.

    For a quicker remedy to the problem, consider an underground drain running parallel to your home's driveway. This helps to limit the amount of runoff.

  4. Flooding. Re-grading your property also helps when dealing with indoor flooding. Another way to solve a flooding problem is to install an underground drain to collect water away from your foundation.

    You could also use a
    swale to direct water away from your property. Typically a grassy or rocky swale is implemented, and they're useful because they blend in with your property unlike piping. 

If you're experiencing a problem with plumbing anatomy, and these solutions didn’t solve anything, give Warner Service a call. A certified professional is best able to give a complete diagnosis of residential plumbing.

If you're looking for ways to improve residential drainage, download Warner Service’s project guide for better home drainage. This guide offers DIY tips and information on how to improve your drainage:

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