There is no doubt that tools are necessary for every home. Whether it is for a simple task like hanging a picture or a larger job like building your child’s first bookshelf, your family should be ready and equipped with all the right accessories. However, buying tools in bulk can get expensive and, with the holiday season approaching, you probably want to save as much money as you can for gifts.

Our solution is to build a do-it-yourself tool kit. It will save you time, money and a bit of stress this winter. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here are some of Warner Service’s favorite tips on how to build a DIY maintenance kit:

Find a sturdy toolbox. Whether you purchase a traditional toolbox or design a makeshift toolbox from a tackle box, you should use something that is durable and compartmentalized. It should withstand the outdoor elements and the weight of your tools.

Buy the basic necessities. Begin by thinking about the weekend projects around your home. The to-do list may include small chores, such as fixing a wall mirror in the bathroom or touching up some paint around the trim. It’s rare that you will need a specialty tool, such as a floor sander or sheet metal shears.

When building your DIY maintenance kit, look for the inexpensive basic necessities. This should include a putty knife, a hammer, a set of nails and screws, a screwdriver, pliers, a wrench, a tape measure, a level, a box cutter, duct tape, WD-40 and any other tools your home may require often. However, if you do come across a big project…

Know when to rent. Let’s face it: Your home’s flooring will need a good sanding every now and then. However, there is no need to splurge on power tools that you will use only once or twice. When the time comes, a less expensive option is to rent the power tool from a big-time retailer. You can also ask a friend, neighbor or family member if you could borrow their specialty tools.

Look for sales. When buying the basic necessities for your DIY maintenance kit, look for Father’s Day, holiday and store-specific sales. Because long-lasting tools and their accessories can get pricey, these sales are the perfect opportunities to stock up on new tools without spending your entire paycheck. If you do not mind using refurbished tools, look for some at government auctions and yard sales.

Put your toolbox in a handy place. Many homeowners use the garage or the basement as a home for their toolbox. No matter where you decide to put your DIY maintenance kit, make sure it is in a place that is easy to for you to access yet out of reach for your children. It is no good to have a leaky toilet and forget where you put the wrench.

Buying a 65-piece tool kit seems like a good idea in theory until you use only 15 of the provided tools. Even the handiest homeowners may not know what the other 50 tools are for. Instead of splurging on tools in bulk, build a DIY maintenance kit. All it takes is a sturdy box and some basic tools that you found on sale. It is a nifty solution that can save you lots of money, time and stress. Just put it in a safe place, and you are good to go during those picture-hanging and toilet-overflowing emergencies.

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