Are you tired of having a small heart attack every time you open up your electric or natural gas bill this season? You aren’t the only one! Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to make your home or office heating bill less shocking.

Here are seven tips to help you bring your monthly heating costs down.

Select a Lower Thermostat Setting

Perhaps the easiest way to bring your monthly heating costs down is to set your personal or business thermostat just a little bit lower. According to, you should adjust the temperature to automatically go a few degrees cooler when you’re away or asleep. This reduces the workload on your system and lowers overall energy consumption to save you money on your bill.

Check Your Chimney Flue

Most people love the ambiance, warmth, and glow of a roaring fire in the winter. However, many homeowners forget to close that flue after the last embers are out. This creates a major escape for warm air and makes it harder to keep the internal temperature of the dwelling consistent. Instead, make it a habit to check your chimney periodically and close the opening as soon as it is safe to do so.

Pay Attention to Windows

It is estimated that up to 10–25% of heat is lost during the winter due to exterior windows. Combat this issue by keeping blankets or drapes over the openings during the nighttime hours when the glass is the coldest. If the window faces south, take advantage of sunny days by opening curtains to allow heat to radiate off the exposed surface. You should also check to ensure all seals, insulation, and locks are appropriately secure and not leaking any air.

Close Off Vents in Unused Rooms

Another great way to lower your energy bills this season is to close off vents and doors in unused rooms. After all, what’s the point in heating a room that you aren’t taking full advantage of? Ideal examples include rarely used guest bedrooms in homes or storage areas or empty offices in your commercial building. Just remember to open them back up for a few hours if you decide you want the space warm and comfortable later.

Check Your Home or Business for Air Leaks

One more tip for lowering your heating bills this winter is to check your space for air leaks. Usually, this requires at least a thirty-degree temperature swing from the air inside your home to the air outside. Check areas around doors, windows, or in the attic or basement where pipes come into the home. Often, you’ll find one or two crucial areas to seal up, which could save you 10–30% on your heating costs.

Add Insulation to Spaces

If you do find numerous spaces with leaks or just have an insufficient level to start, consider installing more. If your attic or basement isn’t currently insulated, consider having this done by a professional. While there is a sizable investment for this type of project, the savings over a winter or two easily make up for the cost. You should also utilize special pipe insulation to help prevent freezing and broken piping from occurring.

Install Upgraded Window Treatments

A final way to help lower your winter heating costs is by installing new window treatments. Many of today’s options feature special plastic inserts that help insulate spaces and block out cold air. There’s also the option of sealing the space with plastic window guards, which are ideal for areas where you don’t usually look out, such as an attic or spare bedroom.

Of course, maintaining your HVAC unit is also important. Well-functioning systems use less energy and heat more efficiently, which saves you money in the long run. That’s why it is so important to have your system checked before the cold season begins.

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