A/C unit

Whether your unit is busy cooling or heating your home this season, it goes through a lot to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. To ensure your system keeps cooling and heating to the proper levels, and to increase its longevity, you need to give it a little TLC every three months. Here is a simple guide by Warner Service on which steps to take to keep up with your HVAC maintenance:

Change your HVAC filters. We cannot stress enough that this is so important. Because your unit runs so often, these filters get dirty, clogged and dusty. This can cause your system to prematurely crash, costing you money in repairs and/or replacements. To prevent this, every homeowner should change their unit’s HVAC filters every three months or less.

Look for debris inside and out. On your outdoor filters, you should check for debris, such as grass clippings, weeds and vines, when changing or cleaning your unit.

Tip: When you mow the grass turn off your unit. This will help with keeping your outdoor unit’s filter clean.

On your indoor filters, you should double check for the usual suspects of clogging like dust, hair and smoke. If you find any of the above mentioned debris, carefully change your HVAC filter.

Clean your coils. Your outdoor coils are just as important as your unit’s HVAC filter. If they are dirty, it could hinder your system's ability to run smoothly. A thorough cleaning involves a good cleaning agent and a garden hose. For a sparkling clean, firmly grip your thumb on your hose tip, and wash from the inside to the outside.

Watch your blowers. Your unit’s indoor blower pushes air out into your home, which could be stalled due to a dirty component. This could result in your unit not blowing air out at all, or blowing out unfiltered air. To avoid this, frequently check for dust collection throughout the blower. If you find any, you can clean it by taking a dusting solution and paper towels to the vent.

Put your ducts in a row. Make sure you understand which ducts your home needs to function properly. To make your research a little easier, here is Warner Service’s easy to follow guide on ducts:

  • Sheet metal: This is the most durable construction that is least likely to grow mold
  • Fiberglass lined: This is used to avoid condensation when the air supply is significantly colder than normal temperature
  • Fiberboard: This type provides acoustic insulation, which means it's soundproof, and has thermal benefits
  • Flex: This is basically flexible plastic over a metal coil that is relatively inexpensive, lightweight and easy to install

Every three months, you should schedule your HVAC maintenance care along with your regular to-do list of chores. Make sure to include checking the blower, filter and coils, cleaning them if necessary due to debris found inside. While you are checking on your system in general, see if you have the correct coils for your home. If you are unsure, call Warner Service today.

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