Air Conditioning Tips

Days are getting longer, leaves are growing back on trees, and everything around you looks a little greener than you last remember it. That’s right, summer’s coming! Say goodbye to those allergies and hello to barbecues, vacations, and yes, higher temperatures.

Warner Service Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing wants to let Frederick and Hagerstown area homeowners know that they are here to help you be more comfortable this year in the  heat by giving you these 10 Tips to a more comfortable summer!

1. Test Your Air Conditioning System

First, be sure to test your air conditioning system. It may be a while since you’ve had it on, and nothing is worse than first using your system on a 90-degree day to find out there’s a problem. By testing early, you will be ahead of the game and able to resolve any issues before the need for the system arises. In addition to testing the system inside, also be sure to check the unit outside. If there are any dead leaves or debris in or around the unit, be sure to clear it out to extend the life and effectiveness of your unit.

2. Maintain Air Filters

Be sure to keep your air filters maintained! The average home should replace their air filters about once every two months, and more often if you have pets in your home. Not only can changing air filters have an effect on your indoor air quality by removing the dust and other particles in an old filter, but new filters also allow air to pass through easier. This means a better airflow in your home with a more refreshing air quality!

3. Schedule an HVAC Tune-Up

In addition to checking your air filters for maintenance, be sure to also consider an HVAC tune-up. A qualified technician will be able to diagnose any issues with your home comfort system, as well as fix that issue before it becomes a bigger problem. Also, technicians know about the new technologies in the industry, and will be able to help educate customers on upgrades that may save money in the long run. In fact, a system installed 10 years ago may be costing more to operate than a new system’s installation and operation costs combined.

4. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Nothing makes your home feel more comfortable than a few extra dollars in your budget! Save money by using your air conditioning more efficiently with a programmable thermostat. These devices will allow you to schedule the air conditioning operations in your home. By allowing the temperature to rise five or ten degrees while you are not at home, but return to your favorite temperature by the time you return, you will save quite a bit on your energy bill without being able to tell a difference!

5. Turn Off Your System When You Open The Windows

Another way to help your air conditioning system is by optimizing your home to work with it! One of the best ways to accomplish this is to keep windows closed while your air conditioner is running. While yes, the air outside is beautiful, you want to keep that nice, cool air conditioning inside in order to keep your whole house feeling comfortable.

6. Install Blinds and Curtains

In addition to closing windows, be sure to use blinds and curtains properly to keep the sun’s heat out of your home. By keeping windows facing the sun covered with light-colored curtains or metal blinds, the energy from the sun will be reflected away from the interior of your home, meaning your air conditioning unit doesn’t have to do as much work to keep your home comfortable.

7. Add A Dehumidifier

Consider adding a dehumidifier to your home comfort system. Especially in the Mid-Atlantic region, humidity has a huge effect on the comfort level of your home, and by dehumidifying that air, your home will feel cooler even at a higher temperature.

8. Consider Installing Ceiling Fans

Utilize ceiling fans! This solution may sound simple, but ceiling fans work wonders when used in combination with a dehumidifier and well-maintained air conditioning system. Be sure to set your fan to spin in a counter-clockwise direction for the best summer use.

9. Keep The Heat Away From Your Thermostat

Keep the area around your comfort system optimized! Keep heat-producing items, such as televisions and computers, away from your thermostat to make sure it functions properly. If the thermostat thinks it is hotter in your home than it actually is, it will use more energy than needed, resulting in a higher electric bill. In addition, keep your landscaping away from your exterior AC unit so that if a technician does come to fix a problem, it can be fixed more easily and quickly.

10. Keep The Heat Outside

Use the heat to your advantage! Rather than using high-energy appliances like stoves, ovens, and clothes dryers, cook outdoors on a barbecue and use a clothesline to dry your clothes. This will not only save your more money on your electric bill, but also prevent the heat that goes along with using these appliances.

So there you have it, 10 easy tips to keep your home more comfortable this summer! If you have any further questions, or would like help with your HVAC system to prepare for the summer heat, Warner Service Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing will help you address all of your home comfort needs!