Unfortunately for most homeowners, heating and cooling equipment and bills account for most of the spending on your home. However, you can keep some of that money in your wallet by switching to zonal heating and cooling. You would not control all of the electricity in your house with one light switch, so why do the same with your heating and cooling?

A zonal system provides more energy efficient use by allowing you to only activate the heater, fans and air conditioning when you are home or a room is occupied, which saves you up to 40 percent on your bills. This system also heats and cools to an exact desired temperature, so your family is more comfortable. Here are a few of Warner Service’s favorite tips and tricks of zonal heating and cooling:

Use motion detectors. You can automatically activate your system in each zone as your family enters and exits the room with motion detectors. This means your family will get to enjoy their desired temperature as they occupy a room, and no energy is wasted.

Install programmable thermostats. This should be done on at least each floor, if not every room. “Smart” thermostats let you designate specific on and off times multiple times a day, so scheduling for cooling and/or heating is easy. Most come with user-friendly displays and run on battery power, which should be changed at least once a year. Some models are also Internet and Wi-Fi compatible, so you can simply adjust the temperature anywhere with your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Install a barometric by-pass damper. It may sound complicated, but this will help prevent over-pressurization.

Double-check on the basics. Before installing a zoned cooling and heating system, make sure your home has sufficient insulation, especially between floors and between the sunny and shaded areas of your home. Your home should also have properly sized equipment already installed. Be sure to weather strip doors and windows, fill cracks and gaps in the walls and ceilings, and properly insulate the vents and outlets. You should even close the damper on your fireplace when it is not in use.

Schedule a quick installation. Zoned systems are typically quietly installed within a day depending on your service, but make sure you schedule a consultation beforehand.

Increase your equipment’s life. Make sure your system is designed with the right sized ductwork and heating and cooling equipment. Using a zoning system can reduce the load on your air handling equipment and air conditioning compressor, which extends their lives by several years.

Take advantage of natural ventilation. Homeowners can still operate ceiling fans with the rotation reversed to blow air toward the ceiling to distribute the hot air that drifts upward to the rest of the room. You can also open and close windows with a zonal system.

Do not close vents or doors, especially to shut-off rooms. Most people try to do this in efforts to manually zone your HVAC system, but this will actually unbalance its’ airflow and pressures, which can lead to shortened equipment life. Let your service provider handle your system.

If you live in a multi-level home with large, open rooms, including a garage, finished rooms in the attic or basement, rooms with expansive glass areas, you should highly consider installing a zonal cooling and heating system. They will save you money, are more energy efficient and will adapt to your family's needs. If you want to schedule a consultation, contact Warner Service today.

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