Warner Service answered Google’s weirdest plumbing and HVAC questions. We compiled a list of funny memes about plumbing. Now, we're rounding up the Internet's weird, true, and awesome plumbing stories.


  • From disappearing seats to crazy mazes and a trick door, these bathrooms made headlines for being the strangest in the world. A few of the toilet designs range across the United States in Wisconsin, Utah, Arizona, New York, Ohio, and Washington.


  • Buzzfeed Community sharer posted about someone who called for a plumbing professionalWhen the plumber arrived, he had a very similar appearance to another famous plumber named Mario.

  • A British plumber spent more than $1,000 getting “gnasher tats” of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton on his teeth. Before the royal wedding, 29-year-old Barmy Baz Franks spent six hours at the dentist to apply the portraits that lasted only three months.


  • A British plumber spent more than $1,000 on a cooler project than teeth tattoos. 32-year-old Colin Furze spent two weeks upgrading an electric three-wheeler to a monster trike. The vehicle goes more than 40 miles per hour and sits five feet above the ground with two-foot-tall wheels.


  • A small-town plumber was caught dancing in the bathroom. His YouTube video went viral with almost 1.5 million views. Catch his on-the-job moves here. 

  • With enough money to call a plumbing professional, Oprah Winfrey caused a media outcry when she was photographed fixing a toilet. The Instagram post from television personality Gayle King earned 1,750 likes and almost 140 comments.


  • Five different Walmarts shut down after citing the same plumbing issue. Retail stores in California, Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma made the announcement on the same day and sparked wild conspiracy theories. People linked the plumbing problems to decontamination of radioactive food and ridding dangerous construction materials like asbestos.

  • A New Jersey plumber won the $136 million Powerball jackpot. He worked the blue-collar life to stay modest and humble until he bought another ticket for next year's record-breaking jackpot of $1.5 billion.


  • An apprentice plumber was moments away from fitting his first toilet. When his boss asked him to close the bathroom door, the fitting didn’t work out so smooth. Catch the video here.

  • Researchers at the University of Cambridge in England debunked the myth that the ancient Romans were the first to create sufficient and clean plumbing. According to their findings, the Roman Empire actually “saw a gradual increase of communicable parasites” due to poor hygiene.

  • Bonnaroo, a popular Southern music festival, announced that it'll have working toilets and showers for the first time.

  • A student at the Georgia Institute of Technology designed a portable, plastic toilet that could solve the sanitation problem for as many as 2.5 billion people. She hopes to begin selling it to U.S. non-governmental organizations next year.


  • An Instagram account called Toilets Of Boston ranked the city's restaurant (and occasional spa or tourist attraction) bathrooms on a five-point scale. The scale accounted for cleanliness, ambiance, and utilities.

  • East Coast plumbing providers rallied together to provide trucks full of aid to Hurricane Florence victims in North and South Carolina. Similar community service plumbing projects were done last year for victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida and Puerto Rico.

  • Artist Amanda Dawn Cristie created a shortwave radio out of a kitchen sink using copper pipes and makeshift parts. 

From the strangest toilets in the world to the wild antics of plumbers, so many fun stories of plumbers are told every day.

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