91005_022713_VCHP_install-7At home, air conditioning is needed to maintain an acceptable, and habitable level of indoor comfort. There are several things that can help stop the problem before it starts.

Here are some suggestions on how to prevent an air conditioning emergency:

  • Assess actual emergency status: Certainly, the loss of air conditioning when outdoor temperatures are hovering in the high 90s can be very uncomfortable. However, in most cases, an air conditioning breakdown will be a genuine emergency only when health or life are threatened by lack of cooling. There are some medical conditions where this may be the case. If someone in your home has a medical condition that cannot withstand the loss of cooling, make emergency plans to accommodate their needs in case the air conditioning fails.
  • Change air filters: Change the air filters in the cooling system regularly to ensure proper airflow and effective system operation. Air filters remove particulates such as dust, pollen, fibers, and mold from your indoor air, and they can get dirty quickly. When they are dirty and clogged, they will impede the flow of air through the system, which can lead to malfunctions and breakdowns. Check filters every month and change them when they get dirty.
  • Have preventive maintenance performed: Contact your local HVAC service provider about signing up for a service agreement on your air conditioner. A service agreement allows an HVAC professional the chance to evaluate the equipment and make adjustments and repairs that will keep the system working properly. Call for maintenance in the spring before the height of cooling season.

After over 75 years in business, Warner Service knows what it takes to keep your air conditioning system working properly in these hot summer temperatures. Contact us today for more information on how to prevent an air conditioner emergency and for the repair services you need when your cooling system isn’t working properly.