kitchen-faucet-runningThrow eggshells in the disposal to clean the blades. Throw lemon rinds in the disposal for scent. Put a brick in the back of the toilet to make the water stop running.

A few of these "tried-and-true" plumbing tips are plumbing myths. These myths need to be debunked before a plumbing problem happens. Check out this list of Warner Service's residential plumbing myths.

  • Using lemons makes the garbage disposal smell better. Unwanted leftovers and day-old counter coffee don't smell great in the disposal. Yet, you shouldn't put lemon rinds in the disposal to mask that smell either. Lemons make the disposal smell better temporarily (about ten minutes), but the acid is damaging to plumbing.

    Instead, use ice in the disposal. It's noisier but gives the disposal a proper, powerful, and all-natural cleaning. Unlike lemon rinds, it melts, which doesn't damage the pipes.

  • Only homeowners who don't have plumbing experience need manuals. Plumbing manuals are legal requirements for manufacturers. It's a guide to make pipes and drains last in your home. Read the manual to solve residential plumbing problems, understand plumbing anatomy, and perform plumbing maintenance.

  • Running water while using the disposal makes it run better. It seems like adding running water to a running disposal helps food break down easier. Yet, it has little to no effect if the food was added simultaneously.

    Instead, fill the kitchen sink halfway with water. Next, add in the food waste to go down the disposal, and then run the disposal. Using this method, the food drains and passes through the disposal easier. You also don't have to use your hand or a cooking utensil to clear the disposal between runs.

  • Soap and warm water clean bathroom fixtures to newness. Hand soap and warm water work well for bathing and laundry. Yet, this cleaning method is harmful to bathroom fixtures like countertops, sinks, and shower fixtures. Hand soap can corrode, peel, and bubble fixtures. This leaves them looking terrible and working inefficiently.

    Instead, use an all-natural bathroom cleaning solution (like these eco-friendly drain cleaners). If you want to skip a few bathroom cleaning days, wipe the bathroom sink off after each hand rinsing.
  • If the drain is flowing, no plumbing problems are happening. If the residential plumbing is working right now, it doesn't mean that plumbing problems won't happen soon.

    For example, drainage clogs 
    partially block the pipes. This allows water to pass through but leaves the pipes vulnerable to a larger clog in the future. If this clog is in the kitchen pipes and rice or pasta is down the disposal, water causes the food to expand. This makes the plumbing problem worse.
    Instead, use an all-natural drain product to clear residential plumbing every two weeks. This will clear the pipes in bathrooms and kitchens and avoid larger plumbing problems.
    Warner Service knows that residential plumbing is complicated. Plumbing myths don't make it easier, either. To get reliable information, subscribe to Warner Service's blog. Click the button below to get started.
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