While you should always leave all work needed for your home's air conditioning to a trained expert, it’s good to know what certain terms mean as well as some of the more common issues that can develop with your air conditioning system. However, should you experience any of the problems listed below with your air conditioner, be sure to call in an expert before these problems get worse.

Problem One: Warm Air Blowing

It can be both frustrating and concerning when you turn on your home’s air conditioning only to find warm air blowing. There can be a few reasons for warm air: a clogged and dirty air filter, an issue with the fans or a refrigerant leak. Because the causes can be numerous, it’s important to allow a trained professional determine the problem and repair it correctly the first time.

Problem Two: Your AC Won’t Start

As with warm air blowing, a non-starting air conditioner can be worrisome. Sometimes the issue is as simple as a problematic thermostat; other times, you may have an electrical overload issue with your air conditioner’s circuit breaker. Don’t try to find out the problem yourself – allow a trained AC professional to do that for you.

Problem Three: Strange Sounds

You are familiar with the normal operational sounds of your air conditioning system, so when you hear something odd, like banging, buzzing or hissing, it’s time to call for help. Strange sounds are one of the ways your AC tells you something is wrong, so it’s never a good idea to ignore a strange noise coming from your AC.

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