Many HVAC companies over the past few years have began offering air duct cleaning services, but some people have criticized these services as scams. They claim that the service costs more than it should and that air duct cleaning isn’t even necessary. But then again, should you believe everything on the internet? What’s the truth? Warner Service wants to tell you about why we offer air duct cleaning services and why we support it.

Air duct cleaning is a simple practice. A professional will attach a vacuum and use some brushes and other tools to remove dirt, dust and debris from your air ducts. The vacuum will ensure that all loose particles are expelled from the ducts and they will be as clean as when they were first installed.

The reason the dirt and dust builds up on the inside of the ducts in the first place is because people often do not replace their air filters often enough. When an air filter is overused, or if it is not installed correctly/isn’t fit for the duct system, unwanted debris can enter into the ducts. As the dust begins to cling to the walls, it also will begin to catch more debris, growing into a thick layer if left unnoticed.

The biggest complaint by those who think air duct cleaning is a scam is that it has not been shown that dirty air ducts have an effect on the indoor air quality of your home. While yes, your home will likely be a little dusty whether or not you have your ducts cleaned, air duct cleaning can impact the quality of your air in certain cases. These cases include recent construction, mold and airborne illnesses. In these casses, air duct cleaning can have a positive effect in reducing the risk of illness and will result in higher quality of indoor air.

Warner Service supports indoor air duct cleaning mainly because you don’t always know what is in your ducts, and if there is a chance to have mold removed from your living environment, we believe it is worth it.

In addition, if you have remodeled or had any work done on your home recently, it is very important to have your ducts cleaned to reduce the risk of unwanted construction contaminants. The health of you and your family is important to Warner Service, and we believe that all measures should be taken to keep everyone in your home safe.

If you are interested in having your home’s air ducts examined or cleaned, give Warner Service a call to have a qualified technician look at your individual home and get you set up for a happy, healthy fall and winter.

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