Remember that list of spring cleaning chores? Our technicians at Warner Service told you that now is a good time to deep-clean your home windows, turn off the fireplace, dust the light bulbs, store away winter bedding, and test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

To add to your to-do list this spring, Warner Service included a few extra chores that keep the air conditioning running smoothly, the indoor air quality at an all-time high, and the monthly energy bill low. Check out our advice for summer home prep below:

Prep the outside of your home. Start by clearing vegetation. The outdoor air conditioning unit should be able to easily pull in air to cool your home. In order for this to happen efficiently, clear any vegetation from the surrounding area, including gardens or shrubbery that should be planted at least 2 feet away from the unit.

This creates enough shade to keep the air conditioner cool, and it controls critters looking for a snack or a temporary home.

After that, clean the storm drain. With late spring rain and melting snow in Frederick, the storm drain needs to be cleaned. Remove any debris that’s blocking the flow of water away from your home foundation.

Test for better indoor air quality. Summer brings a variety of new allergens and pathogens in your home, triggering sneezing; itchy, watery eyes; and other sickly symptoms.

For better indoor air quality, replace the air filter. This easy chore makes a huge difference in the way the HVAC system runs. Each month, replace the dirty air filter to promote a more efficient performance and decrease the chance of allergens and pathogens.

The air filter should be replaced more often depending on how often smoke, pet dander, hair, and dust clog your home’s air.

HVAC System Tip: Schedule a routine maintenance check-up. Call your local expert, like Warner Service, to schedule an HVAC maintenance check-up. If you’re wondering how we’ll tackle heating and cooling in your home, our top-notch maintenance visits look like this.

Decrease the monthly energy bill. If you decide to crank your air conditioner this summer (or use these tips to keep cool without breaking the bank), seal any cracks in the walls, windows, and foundation first. Cooling your home gets expensive, especially if you have a lot of square footage or occupants, so ensure you don’t waste a penny by professionally sealing cracks.

Afterward, test the thermostat, which is easiest with a smart or programmable thermostat. Ensure the system responds to the thermostat before the rising temperatures leave you sweating. Turn on the A/C unit, and if your home doesn’t feel cool, try to troubleshoot the appliance or call a heating and cooling expert to investigate the problem.

Be smart when you use heat-producing appliances, including the oven, dryer, and dishwasher. Turn on these appliances at night to avoid skyrocketing energy bills. Also, avoid placing lamps, televisions, and computers near the thermostat.

The small appliances could affect the reading of the room’s core temperature, which also raises your energy bill.

The importance of routine HVAC maintenance is unparalleled. By prepping your home for the summer, you save on the monthly energy bill, decrease allergy symptoms, control critters around your garden, and so much more.

The best part is that you don’t have to lift a finger. Contact Warner Service to schedule a maintenance check-up or discuss our residential service agreements for all seasons.

For the ultimate summer to-do list, click on the button below to download Warner Service’s Preparing For Summer HVAC Checklist:

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