HVAC air filters may not seem as if they would have a big impact on the quality of your indoor air. However, your air filter plays a key role in keeping the system clean and operating dependably. Staying on top of filter changing or cleaning helps you get the best performance from your system and keeps energy costs in line.


What Clean Filters Do

The filters prevent airborne particulates of varying sizes from entering your air handler, which keeps the parts inside it cleaner. Anything mechanical works more efficiently when it’s clean. As a secondary benefit, some filters will trap respiratory irritants, like pollen, dust mite waste, mold spores and pet dander, improving your indoor air quality (IAQ), particularly important if someone in your home suffers from respiratory issues.

Consequences of Dirty Filters

A buildup of dust insulates the parts inside the air handler, causing them to retain heat that can shorten their operational life, including the fan motor. A clogged filter slows the airflow through the air handler, making the system run longer to reach the temperature at the thermostat. This increases wear and tear throughout, along with raising energy bills.

Choosing the Best Filters

At a minimum, the air filters you use for your HVAC equipment must be the exact size the manufacturer specifies. It needs to fit snugly in the frame so the fan doesn’t pull unfiltered air into the air handler.

The next choice is the quality of the filter you choose. Before you increase the efficiency of the filters, learn the maximum MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating you can use in your system. Installing one that exceeds the density or MERV your system can handle will cause the airflow to slow too much and create some of the same issues a dirty filter does. Your owner’s guide or HVAC professional can tell you the best filter for both your system and IAQ.

The experts at Warner Service can help you choose the best air filters for your system. We’ve provided exceptional HVAC services for Frederick MD and Hagerstown MD homeowners since 1937. Contact us today to have a qualified technician examine your home comfort system.


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