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Residential HVAC Services

Frederick and Hagerstown Maryland Residential Radiant Heat Experts

Homes with radiant heating systems are becoming more and more frequent throughout Frederick County, Maryland and the surrounding areas. Very often, radiant heat systems are installed to complement an existing HVAC or heating system that handles an entire home. For example, radiant heating could be installed in a single bathroom to heat the flooring.

In short, radiant heating is a system that supplies heat to flooring or walls and relies on direct heat transfer from the flooring or walls to the people and things in a room. A good way to think of how radiant heat works is a fireplace—the fire radiates heat throughout the room, warming the people and objects within it.

Radiant heat in your floors or walls has its advantages, including eliminating duct heat loss common to forced-air heating systems as well as reducing the number of allergens in the air in your home. It can also help heat rooms that your forced-air system, for whatever reason, does not heat consistently (which might speak to a bigger problem).

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