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Residential HVAC Services

Frederick and Hagerstown Maryland Residential Heating Maintenance, Repair and Replacement 

Living in the Frederick and Hagerstown, Maryland region, homeowners can enjoy the gifts of all four seasons. But when your heating system plays the Grinch in the depths of a bitterly cold December, you need reliable, skilled and reasonably priced HVAC or heating help fast.

Whether you need a furnace repaired, a heat pump replaced or a new thermostat installed, Warner Service has been doing all of the above for the Frederick, Maryland region’s homeowners for over three-quarters of a century.

Consistent, Expert Maintenance

The best way to keep your existing heating system running at maximum efficiency is to have consistent maintenance performed by an HVAC or heating system expert. Implementing a regular maintenance program can help extend the life of an existing system, prevent wear and tear and keep small issues from becoming major problems.

We find that most homeowners have the best intentions when it comes to caring for their furnace, heat pump and overall home heating system. However, the busy work and family lives of our Frederick, Hagerstown and Southern Pennsylvania neighbors often disrupt regular maintenance routines and prevent them from keeping up on the latest skills to do it themselves.

This is why service agreements make a lot of sense. They can prevent costly furnace, heat pump or other heating component repairs and replacements and give you increased peace of mind. Check out our residential service agreement options by clicking below.

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Reliable Repairs

Even with consistent heating system preventative maintenance issues will arise. When it comes time to fix your furnace, or replace a heat pump, you want a fair price, reliable service and a lasting repair.

You want to hire people that know what they’re doing, but even more than that, you want to hire a local HVAC service company that knows your community and takes the time to get to know you and how you like to work.

Warner Service has been delivering reliable and reasonably priced Frederick HVAC repairs for generations. Our HVAC technicians can handle any furnace or heat pump repair on any brand, and they will do so with respect, great pride and an understanding that Warner Service is about creating happy customers and building long-term relationships.

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A Replacement that Fits Your Needs

Choosing the right furnace replacement unit is a big financial decision, not only from a purchasing perspective, but also from the vantage point of 15-20 years of energy bill payments.

We know this is a big decision. Most of our techs are homeowners, too.

Warner Service has installed hundreds and hundreds of replacement furnaces, new heat pumps and other heating system parts, all customized to the homes and needs of Frederick, Hagerstown and Pennsylvania homeowners.

You want a furnace or heating system component that fits your home and lifestyle at the right price. Warner Service recommends the right HVAC fit for your situation and home size, not the most expensive and complex unit just because we can.

So, when is it time to consider retiring your furnace?

  • The age of the system. Furnaces typically last about 15-20 years. If you have a furnace that age, it’s best to start researching now. You don’t want to put yourself into an emergency situation with such a big financial decision. We can help you find the furnace that’s right for you well ahead of a catastrophic failure.
  • No coverage. Your furnace unit’s warranty coverage has expired or you are not covered by a service agreement.
  • Frequency or cost of repairs. If you have an older unit, and you feel like your calling for service all the time, it might be time to explore a new furnace. Or, if the repair cost exceeds 50% of replacement cost.
  • Consistently poor performance. Despite frequent repairs and maintenance, you continue to have higher energy bill costs, inconsistent heating patterns in your rooms (some stay hot, others are freezing) or poor air quality.

Very often it will be a combination of factors that lead to a decision to replace your furnace or alternative heating system. Get in touch with Warner Service to schedule an audit of your current heating system. Regardless of unit type—forced air, radiant heat, baseboard—we’ll make a recommendation that makes sense for your home and your budget.

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