There are some plumbing disasters when homeowners definitely need to call a professional, like a busted pipe or when your child flushes your engagement ring down the toilet. However, there are some plumbing mishaps that are so common that ordinary homeowners can fix the problem. (Yes, we said ordinary because plumbers are like superheroes – though we may be a little biased.) Instead of calling your local experts, consider doing it yourself. To help you decide whether to make a call to your plumber-Superhero, here is Warner Service’s guide to the top 10 most common plumbing problems:

  1. Dripping faucets – This problem may be one of the most annoying occurrences to ever happen. Though it’s not uncommon, a dripping faucet does waste a lot of water, which is bad for the environment, and a lot of money, which is bad for your wallet. To solve the problem, simply turn off the faucet completely each time you use it. If the problem persists, we suggest calling the pros.
  2. Clogged drains – It’s most likely hair build-up in your shower, which can be removed using your hands or a metal snake. Over-the-counter drain cleaners can also cause clogs in your pipes, so go for the organic products instead. If you’ve removed the hair clumps and used eco-friendly cleaners, consider calling an expert to look at your pipes.
  3. Sump pump failure – These devices are so handy when it comes to draining water from rain and melting snow away from your home’s foundation, but they’re not perfect. To prevent your sump pump from failing, check out these nifty maintenance tips.
  4. Blocked toilets – There are a number of reasons as to why your toilet is clogged. It could be the result of someone taking more toilet paper than necessary, or your kid deciding to bathe the puppy in a little bathtub, and the list goes on. To unclog your toilet, you can use a typical plunger or snake and provide enough pressure to loosen the blockage for a clean flush. If there’s no way the blockage is moving, phone a professional before any further damage is done.
  5. Weak water pressure – Nothing is worse than getting in the shower, turning on the faucet and feeling only drips. This is most likely due to lime scale build-up on the showerhead, which can be cleaned by removing the showerhead from the hose and soaking it in an organic descaling solution. If your water pressure is still weak, it’s a wise idea to call a maintenance expert to check your home’s water tank.
  6. Dying washing machine – It may not be your washer’s time to go just yet, but it could be stopping in the middle of loads because of large loads putting stress on it. If your washing machine is older, it’s best to do smaller loads to extend its lifespan. You should also move it a few inches away from the wall to prevent the hose from kinking. If your washer is still on the fritz, dial an expert for a maintenance check-up.
  7. Frozen pipes – This winter may not be so friendly to your home’s pipes, but if you notice that an area of the pipe freezes, you can thaw it by following these directions. If more than a small piece of the pipe is frozen or the at-home solutions aren’t working, contact a professional immediately.

With the holiday rush coming, you don’t have time to worry about plumbing issues, but thankfully these easy solutions can solve most of your home’s plumbing problems. If you need emergency services or would like to schedule a home check-up before the holidays, contact Warner Service today.


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