Summer is a tricky time for plumbing problems, especially if you don’t do or call someone to perform plumbing maintenance ahead of the hot and humid season.

If you think that your home is in danger of common plumbing problems, here’s what you can expect to happen this summer, according to the plumbing professionals at Warner Service in Frederick, Maryland:

Sprinkler Issues. Summer is the time to show off good-looking lawns and landscaping. Many homeowners use sprinkler systems to upkeep the yard and beat the summer sun.

However, these systems aren’t used for months at a time, which can result in wear and tear. Another common plumbing problem is a sprinkler leak, which can lead to a high water bill.

According to American Leak Detection, a leak detection franchise of Water Intelligence, “To prevent [leaks], make sure you thoroughly clean your sprinkler system before you use it this summer. Try to inspect all areas and make sure there are no leaks.”

Toilet Maintenance. If you have kids who are home for the summer, your toilets are going to be used more often. From the master bedroom to the guest bedroom in your basement, more flushes can lead to plumbing maintenance issues.

It’s important to focus on how to properly take care of your toilet to prolong problems. Use the following toilet tips:

  • Limit toilet paper use.
  • Avoid buying and/or using plush multi-ply toilet paper.
  • Don’t flush bulky items like feminine hygiene products, paper towels, or pet feces.
  • Don’t use chemical cleaners to clean or unclog the toilet. Check out these eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Don’t put a brick in the tank to save water.

Washing Machine Malfunctions. Bathing suits, beach towels, and sweaty outdoor sports uniforms cause an increase in washing machine use. This puts additional stress on your washing machine and causes them to dirty faster.

Ensure that the washing machine is level to prevent shaking, and move the machine out from the wall a little to prevent the hose from kinking, according to Horizon Services, an air conditioning, heating, and plumbing company in Delaware.

To clean this essential appliance in your home, follow the tips in Warner Service’s How Can I Keep Washer Clean No Matter What? You can also download our Washing Machine Cleaning Checklist by clicking below:

Garbage Disposal Disasters. It’s cookout weather, which means you’ll probably shove steak bones and thick potato salad down the garbage disposal. Even everyday at-home lunches with the kids at home causes extra use.

The American Leak Detection suggests, “Limit the use of your garbage disposal and never try to push down any heavier items, such as hard fruits, fibrous vegetables, corn cobs, or starchy foods that can soak up water in drains and clog pipes.”

Warner Service also suggests leaving grease and meat bones out of the garbage disposal.

The American Leak Detection says, “If you have a [barbecue] or cookout, try to get guests to avoid your garbage disposal altogether, since it can be overworked if too many people use it.”

Drainage System Slumps. Summer brings a good amount of rain to Maryland, which means your home drainage system (specifically the sewage system) can get backed up more easily.

Additionally, due to the excess rain, tree and plant roots can grow into the drainage system. The best way to prevent this plumbing problem to call a professional for a home drainage system inspection.

From the bathroom and kitchen to bedrooms and backyards, plumbing problems can occur anywhere in your home this summer. It’s not too late, though!

To tackle common plumbing maintenance this season, click on the button below to download Warner Service’s DIY Plumbing Checklist To Save Water and Money This Summer:

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